Bots for Discord

Welcome to this site where you will find the best bots for Discord. Here you will find all kinds of bots that you can install on your Discord servers to make the experience much more fun and enjoyable. The best bots for use on PC and Android. Make your server a nice place, Discord works on various platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS…

We will explain how to use them so you can understand the functionalities of each bot and have everything more controlled, with information, commands… and much more. You will be able to get the most out of your Discord channel with all the features they offer.

We will also teach you how to use any Discord bot with these tutorials, and then you will be ready to choose the one that best suits your needs, as we have the best Discord bots compiled on this website.

And if you are a good computer scientist and you have created your own bot and you want to post it on this website, do it without any problem by contacting us to our form.

First steps on Discord

Before starting, you should know that for these bots to work, you must have the Discord program downloaded. It’s very simple, you just have to enter the link above, which is the official Discord website and download it for Windows, iOs, Android, Mac or Linux. If you do not know what Discord is, here we explain it to you.

Discord is available on several platforms and works perfectly on all of them. Download it for yours and start enjoying the bots on this website.

Discord for Windows Download for Windows
Download for iOS Download for iOS
Discord for Android Download for Android
Get it for linux Descargar para Linux/Deb Download for Linux/tar.gz
Download for Mac Download for Mac


Why do I want a Discord Bot then?

With bots for Discord, you can literally do whatever you want, you can program and make the bot to fulfill the functionality you want, where the most common can be:

Moderator bot: Moderate the room automatically, to kick people out if they Spam, if they insult, if they behave badly, one of the best is Mee6. MEE 6 discord
Music bot: You can play music from Youtube and set the mood in the room for everyone. You can listen to music while talking to your friends on the same voice channel. We recommend Groovy. groovy-bot-para-discord
Game bot: It allows you to play different things within your server, interacting with other users. One of the most played is Pokecord. pokecord discord


What are bots and what are they for in Discord?

First of all and for those who are a little lost. The bots are artificial intelligences that automate tasks and execute commands to make some function of a Discord server and that are used by the users that participate in that Discord server.

A feature that Discord has, is that there are servers with thousands of users. Sometimes these large servers are difficult to control, and bots are used for this purpose. To moderate the room avoiding spam, bad words or personalized things, that you can manage through the commands of each of the bots. From listening to music to playing in Discord itself, interacting with other users.

As you already know, Discord is a platform used to communicate between users through text, voice and video. But it is not just a simple communication tool, it is much more, as it gives you the opportunity to create communities among users, with the advantage of being a very light program, having both mobile app and pc program and of course, free.

But what advantage does Discord have over other communication platforms? Well, it is server-based.

What is a Discord server?

A Discord server is as if it were a community in itself, where within this server there can be different rooms (for example, to talk about different topics) where you can communicate by voice, text or video. And that’s it? No, that’s the basics and the interesting thing is when you use a Discord bot, which gives joy and dynamism to a server and that is what we are going to offer you in this Web.

How to create a bot for Discord?

You can also program your own Bot to do what you send it, you only need time and desire to do it, anyway, in this page we offer you a great variety of bots that will meet all your needs.

Here we explain you how to make a bot for your server, customize it and add the functions you like the most. If you manage to do it, do not hesitate to send it to contact me, and we will be happy to publish it.