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A new Japanese anime RPG game has emerged and it’s AniGame bot for Discord! Collect over 500 unique cards with stats and abilities to fight in PvP, PvE and Clan War events.

Forget everything you know about collectible card games on Discord. Tired of collecting cards non-stop… for the sake of it, with nothing you can do with them? AniGame brings the best card collecting experience on Discord to you! Interact with real-time PvP, climb floors and defeat floor guards, upgrade and evolve your cards and dominate the leaderboards with your clan!

Be the best on your server, create clans among users and fight for the first place.

Add Anigame bot for Discord

Anigame events and commands include:

  • Access to multiplayer dungeons
  • Clan Warfare
  • Unique randomly occurring boss character events
  • Stages / Levels
  • Leaderboard for ALL events!

Join the fun that allows you to compete with other players in real time, with a unique strategy designed to defeat monsters and bosses in the arena.

  • Trade
  • Shop
  • Collection
  • Ability / Statistics system
  • Random appearance of cards (% probability based on messages)
  • Gold league table classification
  • Betting
  • Marriage

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