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This fully English Discord bot offers fun, moderation and music in the all-in-one and powerful Discord bot Ayana! with functions and commands that will never cease to amaze you. A multifunctional bot that is indispensable in any self-respecting server.

  • Music: Set the mood with the best music you like with a simple command and make all users dance.
  • Fun: Interact with other users in your community, greeting and reacting with funny pictures, sending gifs of kittens or kiss, hug or insult with a simple command to others!
  • Moderation: Automatically ban, kick or greet users who enter, improving the atmosphere of your community, taking care of the good users and keeping away spammers and people who are just going to insult or annoy.

How to use Ayana bot for Discord

Here is a small tutorial so you don’t have any doubts when using Ayana on your server. It has a lot of things to do, if you really want to learn how to use it, the only way is to use it on your server day and night. As they say, practice makes perfect.

Add Ayana to your server

Ayana is added in the same way you would add any other bot to a server. Open the Discord application and then simply click on the button below:

Join the Bot/su_button]

Once invited to your server it will show you an authorization page for you to select the server you want to add Ayana to and the permissions you want to give to the bot. You can select what you want it to do or not, but we recommend that you allow all options, so Ayana will not have any problem to use its functions, and will be able to use any channel to interact.


Once this is done you will get a green check and Ayana will be on your server!

Most used Ayana commands

Insert images of any animal:

If you want to insert a picture of a puppy or a kitten, just type the prefix of the command which is “=” by default, for example =dog and a cute puppy will appear. You can try other animals like =cat.


Ayana reaction commands:

If you want to slap a user in Gif mode, you simply put the =Slap command, there are thousands of reactions you can use, below are the reaction commands you can use. There are reactions for all kinds of situations.


Play a song or music in Discord:

You have to do this with the command =m play “Name of the song”. For example, if you want a song by Alan Walker, we will put the command like this: “=m play Alan Walker”.

If you put =music it shows you all the commands it has and its explanation in English!
purge: To clean the songs in the queue.
skip: Skips the song and plays the next one in the queue.
leave: Leave the voice channel where you are playing music.

If there are several versions of that song, a numbered list will appear for us to select the one we want and then simply by pressing the number, it will start playing:


Ayana bot commands for Discord:


bigtext (Generates huge text)
f  F to pay respects
flipcoin  (flips a coin)
fortune  (Fortune Cookie Messages)
lenny  (Create lenny’s image( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
shrug  (Creates this  ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )

Information about the Bot:

info (Show Bot info)
locale (Bot language options)
perms (Controls permissions)

Self-moderation, States and Users:

afk (Tell others that you are absent when they mention you.)
ban (Bans users)
clean (Delete the last 100 messages)
kick (Kicks users)
role (Grant, remove or modify user roles)

Memes and images:

bad (Images of characters that have done something bad will appear)
confused (Gifs of anime girls who are confused).
cuddle (Images of people cuddling. You can also mention a user to cuddle).
dance (Images of characters dancing).
hug (Images of hugs. You can also mention a user to embrace him/her)
insult (Insults in images. You can also mention a user to insult him/her).
kiss  (Images of kisses. You can also mention a user to kiss him/her).
waa (Images of characters crying. Use it to show sadness)
wasted (Mythical memes and gifs of “Wasted” from GTA)

Other recommended auto-mod bots for Discord:

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