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Bender bot for Discord is a high quality discord bot full of functions (more than 180 commands!), it is one of the most used bots by the Discord community, and it is no coincidence, it has many incredible and useful functions that will make your server much more orderly and dynamic. It can do things like:

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  • A customizable privacy policy system that requires users to accept the rules/terms before joining your server. This way you will keep those who just want to hang out and stay away from your server.
  •  Moderation and automod commands to keep your server free of spammers and other undesirable people. Unfortunately this is very common on Discord, and the way to fix it is Bender!
  • Game statistics commands for many popular games, including Apex Legends, CSGO, PUBG, Battlefield V and more. Want to know who has the most achievements, who has played the most hours of your favorite games? Again, Bender for discord is the solution.
  •  Configurable permissions system so you can choose the exact level of access you want for each command. Choose who can use Bender and who can’t, a very versatile bot.
  • NSFW commands that can get a variety of images, GIFs and videos to animate your server.

Bender bot for Discord commands

This bot has hundreds of commands, but some basic ones are:

Command: ;8ball <ask>
Example: ;8ball Should I sell my soul for money?
Command: ;google <ask>
Example: ;google  How do I buy a friend?
Command: ;blur enlalinkce

Example: ;blur

Command: ;contrast link
Example: ;contrast

If you are curious and want to know everything Bender can do, you can go to its command panel here, you will find everything this discord bot can do:



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