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You can include Blackjack bot for Discord and many other gambling games on your Discord server and play games whenever you feel like it!!! Who doesn’t know the card game Blackjack? Learn here how to use Blackjack bot and how to join it to your server.

Join the bot to your server

Blackjack commands

The bot is prefixed with “+” and you can use +help to get a private message with all commands.

Algunos comandos básicos para este bot, +game:

+Coinflip: Flip the coin and bet on the desired side. Example: +coinflip heads/tails 2
+Slots: Spin the slots to get the biggest prize. Example: +slots 3
+Spin: Spin the lucky wheel every 5 minutes to win tokens. Example: +spin
+Blackjack: Play Blackjack! Use +help blackjack for more information. Example: +blackjack 5
+Lottery: enter the lottery to participate for the jackpot. Example: +lottery
+SnakeEyes: The objective of the game is to roll a 1 to get the prize, if you roll 1 on both dice, you will get the special SnakeEyes prize. Example: +se 10
+Dice: Roll a dice, if you get 6, you will get your bet x5, below, you will lose everything. Ejemplo: +dice 15


Blackjack Bot for Discord offers a wide variety of games

All the games work on the basis of very simple commands, this bot is incredibly addictive, as you can play and bet with the other users of the Discord server. Win and lose chips in its different games. So if you are thinking about a casino for Discord, the answer is Blackjacj bot for Discord.

  • Coin toss
  • Blackjack
  • Slot machines
  • Lottery
  • Dice


Commands are not case sensitive! and play in moderation, be responsible with the game.

For further questions, please join their official server.

You can solve all your doubts about this discord bot on its official server. Get to know all the commands and play until you get rich!

Join the Server


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