24/7 music bot for Discord

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Welcome to 24/7 music bot for Discord. One of the newest music players you will find on this platform, but it comes with innovative and amazing things that will make you can not do without it on your server.

You will need more than one music bot if your server is full of people, so invite as many music bots as you can so no one is left without listening to their favorite songs.

This bot is not only able to play songs from Youtube, or Spotify, but it can also play podcasts, radios and much more.

24/7 music bot for Discord commands

The prefix of this bot is ” mb “. It has a lot of commands to use, and another important amount that are unlocked by becoming premiun. Remember to put the prefix before each command and if you don’t like it, you can change it for another one that suits your server better.

Commands Description
play Invite the bot to your channel and start playing a song.
play [radiolink /  youtubelink] Join the bot to your voice channel and play from youtube or from your favorite radio.
np Shows you the currently playing song.
leave Take 24/7 out of the voice channel.
streamlinks Displays a list of radio transmission links that you can test.
streamlink [nombre de la radio] Play the radio broadcast of your choice.
prefix [nuevo prefijo] Change the prefix for the bot server in general.
info Displays information about the music bot.
premiumhelp Shows the available premium commands.

Add music bot for Discord

Now you just need to join this bot to your server and start using it. Remember that there can only be one music bot per voice channel, so invite as many as you can to enjoy music on different voice channels simultaneously.

Join 24/7 music bot

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