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Welcome to Chocolat, a multipurpose discord bot, and completely in Spanish! Enjoy a more secure and dynamic server with Chocolat thanks to its auto-mod functions and its interactions with photos and gifs that you can send, it is no coincidence that it is triumphing in the Spanish community. One of the most complete and funniest bot for Discord in Spanish. This bot is very similar to Nekotina or Ayana, but has more NSFW functionality. For servers in this category, it is a must-have bot, with reaction commands for adults only. The best hentai gifs on your server with Chocolat bot for Discord.

Why and how to use Chocolat

It has a wide variety of useful commands. You will no longer need to leave Discord to search for something! It also controls spam with the use of bot by limiting its use. Here are all the commands in English to know how to use Chocolat.

Chocolat bot commands for Discord

Chocolat commands will always start with ch! for example ch!addrole, to start using it, type ch!help, and it will send you a private message with all the information you need to know about this bot. It is very easy and fast to use.


You will be able to ban, block, mute, etc, with Chocolat. She has several moderation commands which will make your server a better place. Take that heavy burden off the moderators by keeping a quiet server with this bot. Chocolat’s moderation commands are great and you can manage the use of them through permissions, so that only specific roles can use it.

Description: Create 21 color roles for the role interface. You must specify which color palette you want the roles to contain. Current palettes: – Normal: Creates roles with solid colors. – Dark: Creates roles with dark colors. – Pastel: Creates roles with pastel colors.
Usage: addcoloroles <color palette>
Description: Assign a server role to the named user using Chocolat. The role must be written exactly as it was created. Also, the role to add to the user must be below Chocolat’s role in the role pecking order.
Usage: addrole <@user> <role name>
Description: Bans the mentioned user from the server. The reason for the ban must be entered for the command to work.
Usage: ban <@user> <reason>
Description: Creates a role with standard permissions and random color.
Usage: crole <role name>
Description: Completely delete a role using Chocolat. The role must be written exactly as it was created. Also, the role to be deleted must be below Chocolat’s role in the role hierarchy order.
Usage: drole <role name>/<role mention>
Description: Edits the content of an embed sent by the bot. The color in hexadecimal code must be included.
Usage: editembed <ID of a bot embed message> <hexadecimal color/RANDOM> <New message>.
Description: Edits the content of a message sent by the bot.
Usage: editsay <ID of a bot message> <New message>.
Description: Bans the user by providing the ID. The user does not necessarily have to be on the server. But, the user must be in the Chocolat database. If you don’t know how to get the ID, you can do the following: 1.- Go to “User Settings”. Go to the “Appearance” section. 3. Enable the “Developer Mode” option. 4. 4.- Right click on the user and then “Copy ID”.
Usage: hackban <id>.
Description: Ejects the named user from the server. The reason for the kick must be placed for the command to work.
Usage: kick <@user> <reason>.
Description: Silences the named user. The reason for the mute is optional. You can type ‘create’ to create the role and configure the channels without having to mute someone.
Usage: mute <@user> [reason].
Description: Change the nickname of the mentioned user.
Usage: nickname <@user> <New nickname>.
Description: Deletes a large number of messages. Or delete a large number of messages from a specific user. The minimum amount is 2 messages and the maximum amount is 100. Also, messages older than 2 weeks cannot be deleted using this command.
Usage: purge [@user] <quantity>.
Description: Remove a role from the named user using Chocolat. The role must be written exactly as it was created.
Usage: remrole <@user> <role name>.
Description: Send a private message using Chocolat to the named user. Make sure the user is on the server and can receive private messages.
Usage: sdm <@user> <message>.
Description: Ban and unban the user to remove 7 days of messages from all channels and expel the user. The reason for the ban must be entered for the command to work.
Usage: softban <@user> <reason>.
Description: Mutes the mentioned user temporarily. The time must be written in English: Days = days, hours = hours, minutes = minutes and seconds = seconds. The mute will be automatically removed by Chocolat when the time expires.
Usage: tempmute <@user> <time>.
Description: Unban the ID mentioned above. If you don’t know how to get the ID, you can do the following: 1.- Go to “User Settings”. 2.- Go to the “Appearance” section 3. 3.- Enable the “Developer Mode” option. 4.- Right click on the user and then “Copy ID”.
Usage: unban <ID>
Description: Unmutes the muted user. The reason is optional.
Usage: unmute <@muted user> [reason].
Description: Removes 1 warning from the named user. The user must have accumulated warnings for this command to work.
Usage: unwarn <@user>
Description: Warns the mentioned user. When the user reaches 3 warnings, he/she will be automatically banned by Chocolat. Posting the reason for the warnings is mandatory.
Usage: warn <@User> <reason>.

Fun Commands for Chocolat

Cuenta también con muchos comandos para divertirse. Manda fotos, memes, gifs en el momento adecuado de la conversación para hacer reír a los demás integrantes de tu servidor con sus comandos de reacción e interacción. Esto es una de las cosas que más gusta de chocolat, no te pierdas estos comandos. 

ch!angry – Displays an angry gif. ch!blush – Show a blushing gif.
ch!bored – Displays a boring gif. ch!cry – Show a gif crying.

Chocolat’s secret commands in English

Unlock Chocolat’s secret commands, note that some of them must be used with a user mention below. Teach these commands to your friends and use Chocolat properly.


ch!revive @botparadiscord ch!deathnote @botparadiscord
 ch!peek ch!scream
ch!fail ch!wag
ch!dog ch!yandere
ch!jump ch!spank @botparadiscord
ch!tpose ch!sorry
ch!fox ch!fly

Game Commands for Chocolat bot

Among its functions are the games, lately very sought after by the Discord community. Just look at the commands to learn how to play with this spectacular bot. With its waifu card game similar to Mudae, or catch pokemons as with Pokecord or Pokemeow.

Server configuration

You will be able to set or change parameters with Chocolat bot for Discord, for example: Set welcome/farewell message, custom command settings and much more. Give a warm welcome to every user that enters your server and make them feel at home with Chocolat.

Join bot to your server:

Enjoy this cool bot, full of fun commands to interact, react, play, moderate…. You can’t ask for anything more. Just click on it and Chocolat will be on your server.

Join Bot

Official website:

To know all the commands and be an expert in Chocolat, visit its official website, you will find all the secrets and utilities of this bot for discord.

Official Web

Chocolat bor for Discord Official Server

It also has its own server, to solve any questions, find out about the latest updates and much more! Join him and find out the latest news.

Discord Official Serverl


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