Dank Memer

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Dank Memer is a multipurpose Discord bot but specially made for sharing memes. This bot can be used to play music, to moderate the server and image manipulation bot, and much more! There are over 260 commands, and growing.

It is true that there are better bots to listen to music in Discord, such as Groovy or Rythm. There are even better bots for self-moderating a server, such as Vortex or Mee6. But this bot is something else. Created for fun, to cry with laughter and surprise other users with spontaneous and creative memes. In this field, there is no bot that can match Dank Memer and here we explain it to you in English. Get to know this bot better than anyone else and laugh with your friends on Discord.

Add Dank Memer

Dank Memer can be added to any Discord server by someone with admin permissions on that server. Get the best meme bot for Discord in one easy step.

And learn how to use Dank Memer in English, all its commands, prefix change and much more so you will never get bored on your server.

For most of the commands you don’t need to give him permissions, but if you want to use him as a moderator, you will have to give him the administrator role.

Dank Memer commands

The default prefix for Dank Memer is pls, commands are executed as pls meme, remember there must be a space!

To start type pls help and it will show you all the options you have:


pls help image


pls help currency


pls help fun


pls help nsfw

Auto-mod utility

pls help utility


pls help memey


pls help animals


pls help config


pls help games

Official Web

If you have doubts about anything, you can always consult his official website, commands and solve your problems on his official Discord server. It has thousands of commands that will make your server much more fun. This Discord bot is not so famous in spanish servers, but it is very popular in english servers. I hope that it will be integrated in the Spanish speaking ones little by little, and give this bot the importance it deserves.

Commands Official Web Discord official server


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