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Dyno is a fully customizable Discord bot with a simple and intuitive function panel. You can enable and disable almost any command, easily. Give privileges with roles to the people you want within your server.

Frequently updated with new features and improvements based on user requests. That’s why it is one of the most used Discord bots in the world.

Join bot to your server

Enjoy this multitasking bot on your Discord server. Enter their website and login with your Discord account, you only have to choose the server you want to join.

What you can do with Dyno bot for Discord

Among the most frequent uses of this bot for Discord are:

Announcements – Customize entrances, exits and tournaments.
Music – High quality streaming music supported by serious hardware.
Moderation – Moderate with bans, time-limited mutes and more.
Auto Moderation – Advanced settings to control spam.
Auto Roles – Gives permanent and limited roles.

Dyno Basic Commands

The default command call for Dyno is “?”, here are a few that will make it easier for you to control your server. You can also change the default command prefix, so that it doesn’t match any other bot and they don’t mix with each other.

?prefix: Changes the prefix of the default command.

?addrank: Adds a new rank, works with existing roles.

?rank: Joins or leaves a rank.

?ranks: Gets a list of the ranks you can join.

?delrank: Deletes an existing rank, will not delete the role.

?roles: Get a list of server roles.

?roleinfo: Get information about a role.?addmod [role]: Make a role a moderator.

?clean (optional number): Clear the number of messages on the server.

?kick [user] [reason]: Kick the user and leave the reason in the log.

?ban [user] [time] [reason]: Bans the user and leaves the reason in the log.

?mute [user] [time] [reason]: Mutes the user and leaves the reason in the log.


Dyno bot for Discord Fun commands

?dog: Displays cute pictures of dogs.

?roll: Roll the dice and have good luck.

?pokemon: Get information about any Pokemon.

?rps: Play rock paper scissors with the bot.

?cat: Show cute cat pictures…

?country: Check the statistics of a country.

?flip: Flip a coin and play heads or tails.

?space: Get information about space stations.

If you want to know all the Dyno bot for Discord commands and how this bot works, you have many more at:



Official Server

In this Discord server, you will be able to ask and solve any question you have about the bot. Find out about the latest updates and learn how to use Dyno like an expert, how to moderate a Discord server, how to play music on Discord and much more with this multifunctional all-rounder bot.

Join in the Discord server


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