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Loading... Upload random emojis on Discord! Send and react with animated emotes, even find new ones! – All this is possible with this bot.

Find new emojis using the random command, search for specific ones using find, upload them and enjoy!

Emoji bot for Discord informational commands:

–getemojis: Gets emojis and links from a message.

–help: Displays an embed from the command list.

–invite: Displays a message with the bot’s invitation links.

–stats: Displays an embed of the bot statistics, such as ram usage and server size.


Emoji bot commands for Discord:

–emojify: Emojify the message you have written.

–find: You can find emojis from the bot emojis with a name.

–get: Gets emojis and links from a message.

–info: Get information about an emoji that is from your server.

–jumbo: You can get the image version of any emoji by sending it or typing its name.

–link: You can get the link of an emoji with its name or by sending it. Very useful for mobile users.

–list: Shows the emojis of your server with an embedded message.

–random: You can find multiple random emojis from the bot, you can also find animated or static emojis.

–react: You can make the bot react with an emoji that is on this server to the last message.

–send: You can make the bot send an emoji that is on your server by typing its name.

Moderative commands:

–delete: Delete emojis using their name or sending them directly.

–fast-upload: Upload emojis quickly without giving them a name. To use it, send an emoji file with the command, send an emoji link or send the emoji itself.

–prefix: Change the symbols (prefix) of the commands. (Uppercase prefixes / prefixes with spaces are not supported!)

–rename: You can change the name of an emoji when sending or typing its name.

–role: Limit an emoji to users of a certain role only with this command. To make that the emoji can be utihttps://outlook.live.com/mail/0/inboxlizado by all again, write `everyone` or `remove` instead of a role name.

–upload: Create a new emoji for your server with the file you have provided.

Premium commands:

–hide: Hides the bot emojis so that they are not found in other servers.

–pack: Pack the emojis in a zip file.

Join Emoji bot for Discord to your server

It is a great reference when it comes to emojis, as we have already talked recently, so if you are an emoji lover or just want to share yours with many of the users that use the bot, this is a good option.


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