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Welcome to EPIC RPG bot for Discord, considered as a game bot par excellence, although it also includes some music commands (we recommend Rythm or Groovy if you want to use a good music bot for Discord). One of the bots that can not miss on your Discord server, for its wide variety of games and simple commands. How to use EPIC RPG in Discord and in Spanish, is simple, made with intuitive and easy to learn commands. It is not available in Spanish but here you will find all its commands explained in Spanish language.

EPIC RPG bot for Discord has economy functions that also include rpg, with many features like enemies, dungeons, pvp, gambling, looting, leaderboards and more. The purpose of the game is to level up, get the best armor and swords, and then defeat dungeon bosses to unlock new commands and features. One of the best games for Discord without a doubt.

There are a total of 15 dungeons: the combat mechanics are quite simple and interactive! It won’t take you long to learn how to play, plus you’ll never get bored with its pvp, compete against other users on your server. Join EPIC RPG to your server and make all users have fun.


To learn how to use EPIC RPG bot for Discord or to know how to use it and play with it, just read this small article and necessary commands. Epic RPG in English explained for everyone, how to use it and its commands in the easiest way.

Command prefix

The prefix of this game bot for Discord is “rpg”, to start playing and see the introduction to the most relevant commands, type “rpg help” and then “rpg start”. It will show you the commands you can use and what function they perform, how to play EPIC RPG is very simple.

EPIC RPG basic commands in English

If you want to know how to use EPIC RPG for Discord, take a look at this list with all the commands and their explanation in English. This game bot is simpler than it seems, start playing and little by little you will discover its thousand functions and commands to have a great time.

help Displays the list of all commands.
profile Display your current stats, use ‘profile @[username]’ to view another user’s stats.
inventory Display your inventory, use ‘inventory @[username]’ to view another user’s inventory.
professions Shows the progress of your professions.
top It shows the ranking of players on the server, other lists are ‘coins’, ‘global’, ‘globalcoins’, ‘globaltt’ and ‘globalcookies’.
cd Display your cooldown counters, use ‘cd @[playername]’ to view another user’s cooldown counters.
rd Displays the commands whose cooldown counter has expired.
quest Displays your current quest if you already have one, or offers you a new one if you have none and the cooldown is over. Use “quest quit” to quit your current quest.
epic quest You embark on an epic mission. Fight up to 9 waves of enemies to find the EPIC final boss. To use this command you need to have a SPECIAL horse.
horse Displays your horse’s current statistics.
title Displays the titles available for your profile and how to unlock them, you can configure them using ‘title [title number]’.
hunt Conduct a hunt for basic monsters in the area you are in.
adventure Go on an adventure to defeat a powerful enemy in the area where you are.Comandos de lucha/pelea EPIC RPG.

– If you have lost too much HP, buy a life potion and heal yourself.

duel – Fight with other players to earn XP and coins.

dungeon, miniboss – Twice a day, you can try to defeat a boss/miniboss with the help of other players. Get great rewards with these mini-games.

arena – Once a day, you can start an event in the arena, other players can join to get cookies.

How to buy in EPIC RPG bot for Discord

shop – Here you can see what kind of things you can buy.

buy, sell – You can sell anything from your inventory and buy anything from the store.

Work commands

chop, fish, pickup*, mine* – The most basic commands to obtain objects.

craft – If you have enough items, you can make swords, armor and special items.

recipes – Here you can see all the craft recipes.


All commands are followed by their prefix “rpg”.

( * ) These commands are unlocked after defeating one or more dungeon bosses.

Now you know everything you need to play with EPIC RPG, join your server and surprise other users with this great game for Discord. Teach other users to use Epic RPG and have fun with them. This bot is growing in this community without stopping, don’t be the last one to have it, and if you have any doubt, go to the official server. They will answer any question you have about this bot.

Official Server Join Bot


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