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Flower is a small but nice bot for growing and caring for flowers in Discord. Your server can be a scary place, so it’s good to always have a flower garden to come home to.

What Flower bot can do for Discod

There are a few plants available in the bot and more are added regularly. Taking care of them is quite simple. All you have to do is use the p.water command on each of your plants from time to time (plants will die after two days without being watered).

Flower bot commands for Discord

There are only a few commands available within Flower, all of which can be executed from your private message.

The command prefix for this plants and flowers bot is “p.”, so at each command start, remember to enter it.

Flower basic commands

shop: Run this to get new plants and more pots. After running this you will be shown a menu of things you can buy – just say the name of the item you want.

water [name of the plant]: Run this to water your plant

show <user> [name of the plant]: Muestra el aspecto de una de las plantas de alguien.

deleteplant [name of the plant]: Delete one of your plants.

 exp <user>: See how much experience someone has.

Flower is definitely a cute bot, if you want a quiet and calm game to spend time with alone and with friends, more if you love plants, of course… so be sure to put it on your server if you are into botany.

Add Flower to your Discord server

Join this splendid growing bot to your server, don’t think about it a second longer and start taking care of your zen space on your favorite server.


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  1. Flower is certainly very cute. It is simple yet enjoyable and it makes me feel calm. You can also immortalize/immortalise your plant so that it will never die even though you never water it. Watering plants give you exp which is your source of money. Thank you for reading my review! I appreciate it 🙂 <3

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