Groovy bot for Discord

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As they themselves say, Groovy is the best music bot there is for Discord. Who doesn’t want to listen to music while playing a video game or chatting with friends? And what better platform to play music than Youtube, right? Well, with Groovy bot for Discord, you can do it! If you’re wondering how to play music on Discord, here’s your solution. Come and play music on your server and dance on your pc or android.

How to set GROOVY in Discord and what it is used for:

If you want to know how to play music on Discord, Groovy is one of the most popular and feature-rich music bots on the entire Discord platform, constantly being redesigned and updated. Virtually every self-respecting server has Groovy on it, because the easiest way to play music on your server is this simple bot.

The Groovy Music Bot is a great choice because of its ease of use. It supports YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify, and allows you to search and queue songs, as well as display lyrics and a permission system to restrict the bot to certain roles or users.

Overall, Groovy is a quick and easy music bot that offers users everything they need for free. While many other music bots have complicated commands and settings, Groovy makes it simple.

Basic Groovy commands in Spanish

To play a simple song, the command de is used:

Play: Play a song with the name or url of the song from Youtube.

After we type the “-play” command we will then enter the title of the song. If we know exactly the URL of the song (since Groovy is based on music that is on Youtube), we will put the exact url after the “-play” command and our song will start playing! Other useful commands are:

  • Join: Join the bot to the voice channel you are on.
  • Pause: Pause the song being played.
  • Resume: Plays the paused song again.
  • Next: Skips the currently playing song and goes to the next one.
  • Previous: Back to previous song.
  • Lyrics: Displays the lyrics of the song you are listening to.
  • Disconnect: Disconnect the bot from the voice channel you are on.

Groovy prefix change

Something important is to change the default prefix that comes in Groovy. To do this we only have to type this command and we will change the prefix to what we want. This way we will be able to call Groovy in the chosen way and also explained in English.

  • Prefix “new prefix”: Change the prefix to the one you want.

If, for example, you are listening to a song and you use the “-Play” command to listen to another song, this new song will automatically be moved to a list called queue and will play after the song you are currently listening to. If you add a lot of songs, all the songs will go to the queue. To see the whole list of songs we will use the command “-Queue”. And these are the commands related to the list:

  • Queue: Displays the songs that are in the list.
  • Loop track: Loops the current song.
  • Loop queue:Plays the playlist in a loop.
  • Clear: Removes all songs from the list.

If you want to give permissions to someone in particular, so that only those people can use it, something very important in large servers.

  • perms: Displays permissions commands.
  •     “    add “@user”/”@rol”: Adds permission to the selected user or role.
  •     “    deny “@user”/”@rol”: Removes the permission to the selected user or role.

Rest of commands:

If you have doubts and want to know all the commands offered by this bot for Discord, enter its website and discover everything this wonderful bot offers, all Groovy commands in one easy step.


Add Groovy to your server:

To add Groovy to your Discord server, just click on Join Bot, select the desired server and authorize it as managed. Once on the server, just join a voice channel and type “-play Rick Astley” as simple as that and you will start listening to music on the channel you are on.

Groovy premium

Groovy also has its premium format, you can buy it for 1 server, three or ten, and this depends on the amount of dollars you pay per month, and what is the purpose of paying the premium mode? It grants you special commands for Groovy that will make your experience with it even better. Add effects to songs, adjust the volume freely, activate the bass boost, save playlists so you don’t have to redo them all the time and much more!

Groovy Premium Premium Commands


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