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Hydra is a music bot for Discord with an easy to use reaction-based menu and a unique way of displaying the current song and queue. Unlike other music bots, Hydra creates a text channel on your server, with which you will manage its functions and commands, very simple and intuitive, one of the easiest bots to use. Rythm and Groovy are already fearing this bot because it is going to take away the position of best music bot. Hydra bot of Discord does not use commands. How to put Hydra on Discord is very simple, maybe the easiest bot to join to your server.

What is so special about Hydra?

How to use it, it is the easiest thing you can find in music bots, and not only that, it is comfortable and simple at the same time. Create a channel, and you just have to write the song you want to start playing, there is nothing easier than Hydra. How to listen to music on Discord has never been so difficult.

How to configure Hydra

When you add the bot to your server, you will have to type its main command “h?setup” and it will create a channel for you to use. How to use Hydra bot for Discord is so simple that you can be using it in 5 minutes.

Now, move that channel wherever you want, and just type the name of the song you want to listen to in that channel, and the song will start playing.

That’s why hydra is one of the most used music bots for Discord in this community, and it’s no wonder.

Hydra bot commands for Discord

If you want to know everything Hydra can do, and squeeze its potential, do not hesitate to visit its command page, you have many options, be an expert in the management of this bot for Discord. Create playlists, skip songs, know the lyrics/lyrics of your favorite song, this bot has a thousand functions that you will love.


Join Hydra bot for Discord

Add Hydra to your server and start enjoying its simplicity and convenience, listen to music without leaving Discord while you keep talking to your friends.

Join bot

Official server

Join his discord server and solve any questions you may have, as well as find out about his latest updates.

Servidor Discord

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