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Mee6 is a multi-functional bot programmed to improve and help your Discord server, it has a variety of commands and an accessibility of configuration to make your server a more pleasant or dynamic place. With things like welcome messages, a function that helps new members feel at home or to give rolls to new users. Mee6 will take care of giving them the corresponding roles, you can change these roles or configure them on their official page.

Mee6 control panel (dashboard) on your website

Although many of its functions can be executed directly using the bot commands, it has a nice and colorful interface. Which allows us to use all its potential in functions, in a comfortable way. You can easily join the bot in this link.

Join MEE6

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MEE6 bot commands for Discord

The prefix of Mee6 is ” ! “ and if you are wondering how to change it, I am sorry to tell you that you cannot. It starts with “!help” to show the basic command box offered by this great bot.

All MEE6 commands in English, to make its use even easier, enjoy the list of moderation and music commands available in this auto-mod bot. All MEE6 functions in English.


!play: Start playing from the tail.
!search: Search for a song.
!record: Records the current conversation on a voice channel.
!seek: Jump to a specific moment in the song.
!volume: Changes the volume of the song up to 200%.
!add: Add a song to the queue.
!queue: List the songs in the queue.
!clear-queue: Remove all songs from the queue.
!skip: Skip to the next song in the queue.
!vote-skip: Initiates a vote to skip to the next song in the queue.
!join: Have the bot join your voice channel.
!leave: Have the bot leave your voice channel.
!stop: Stop the current song.
!start-quiz: Start a music quiz with your friends.
!stop-quiz: Stops the current music questionnaire.
!stop-recording: Stop recording and get the link to the audio file.

MEE6 Moderation Commands

!ban: Bans a user from your server
!tempban: Temporary ban a user from your server
!clear: Deletes messages from channels
!infractions: Show infractions of a user
!kick: Kick a user from your server
!mute: Mute a user on your server
!tempmute: Temporarily mute a user on your server
!role-info: Get information about a particular role
!server-info: Get information about the current server
!slowmode: Enable or disable slowmode on a channel
!unban: Unban a user from server
!unmute: Unmute a user
!user-info: Get information about a particular user
!warn: Warn a user


Mee6 bot Level System for Discord

It has a ranking system based on levels by experience, this has the function of granting an amount of experience to each user who sends a message in the chat of the server in which mee6 is located. The levels can be seen by each member of the server, each member has a user card that marks the experience that he/she has plus the one that is missing to level up. (It should be noted that the rankings are different depending on the server).

Self-moderation and Roles

You will be able to manage the server with Mee6 running 24 hours a day 7 days a week in its Moderator interface. You can also change the functions of the moderators and activate the commands you want. All in one.



You can also configure the bot to publish a series of predefined messages from time to time, and you can do many interesting things with it. An example would be to use it so that every so often, it reminds users to view the rules or an information channel.

It is as simple as selecting Timers in the interface, and within that Add Timer.

And inside create the message you want, the time interval in which it will be said, the channel and the days, simple and complete.

Search engine

Another of its functions is a search engine for specific topics, ranging from anime photos, imgur images, manga, Pokemon names, Twitch streamers, words and their definitions and YouTube videos.

Premium Features

It also has more features but these are reserved for servers that have the availability of Mee6 Premium, this will grant some benefits for some of its basic functions and other new ones, some ranging from role rewards for users who complete a certain level, custom ranking cards for users and banners to customize the ranking table and so on, also will give mee6 a music player function so you can enjoy your favorite songs directly from your Discord server.

Official Discord server

In this server you will be able to know the latest news of the bot and solve any doubt you may have, you only have to join the server through this link.

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