Giveaway is a simple but powerful bot that fulfills a specific task, the creation and organization of sweepstakes in your Discord server. It has interesting and focused features, such as:

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Tatsu bot para discord


El capaz y útil Tatsumaki: un bot de Discord para XP y niveles, moderación, más utilidades y cosas divertidas, cuenta con muchas características que te harán elegir este bot. Tatsumaki

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Miki bot para discord


Miki is a multi-functional bot focused on the importance of preserving/building communities. Loaded with moderation, gaming and customization features, it will ensure your server a pleasant social experience. Every day

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Eli bot para discord

Eli bot for Discord

Eli is a multi-purpose bot that delivers on the word: Be useful and competent, no filler and unnecessary commands. Eli bot commands for Discord To see all the commands of

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Arcane bot Discord


Welcome to Arcane, bot for Discord. One of the most famous bots lately, voted by more than 100.000 people in the Discord community. A multitasking bot that will make your

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Xenon bot para discord


Has a user raided your server, do you want to make a small backup copy of your server, or create one from a pre-made template? Xenon bot for Discord is

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You want to plan events, calendars on your server! Raid-Helper bot for Discord is what you are looking for – events, time zones, polls, reminders, customization, archiving, logging and much

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YAGPDB discord bot


YAGPDB bot for Discord is a multitasking bot, but mainly it is an auto-mod. The best way to find out what it does is to test it on a server

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bender discord bot


Bender bot for Discord is a high quality discord bot full of functions (more than 180 commands!), it is one of the most used bots by the Discord community, and

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Welcome to Chocolat, a multipurpose discord bot, and completely in Spanish! Enjoy a more secure and dynamic server with Chocolat thanks to its auto-mod functions and its interactions with photos

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ayana para discord


This fully English Discord bot offers fun, moderation and music in the all-in-one and powerful Discord bot Ayana! with functions and commands that will never cease to amaze you. A

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Emojis bot para Discord


Upload random emojis on Discord! Send and react with animated emotes, even find new ones! – All this is possible with this bot. Find new emojis using the random command,

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