Musical tune bot para discord

Musical Tune

Musical Tune is a stable and efficient bot for Discord, which is to play music. One more music bot so that no one on the server is left without listening

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YAGPDB discord bot


YAGPDB bot for Discord is a multitasking bot, but mainly it is an auto-mod. The best way to find out what it does is to test it on a server

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ayana para discord


This fully English Discord bot offers fun, moderation and music in the all-in-one and powerful Discord bot Ayana! with functions and commands that will never cease to amaze you. A

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freboat discord

Fredboat bot for Discord

Do you want to surf like a pirate listening and whistling your favorite songs on your server? Well Fredboat bot for Discord, gives you the solution. Don’t just have Groovy,

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Dyno para Discord


Dyno is a fully customizable Discord bot with a simple and intuitive function panel. You can enable and disable almost any command, easily. Give privileges with roles to the people

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Hydra is a music bot for Discord with an easy to use reaction-based menu and a unique way of displaying the current song and queue. Unlike other music bots, Hydra

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24/7 bot musica para discord

24/7 music bot for Discord

Welcome to 24/7 music bot for Discord. One of the newest music players you will find on this platform, but it comes with innovative and amazing things that will make

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Octave bot for Discord

Welcome to Octave bot for Discord, an exceptional music bot.  Octave specializes in musicalizing your Discord server as its main function, but it has other functionalities that you will manage

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Groovy bot for Discord

As they themselves say, Groovy is the best music bot there is for Discord. Who doesn’t want to listen to music while playing a video game or chatting with friends?

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rythm bot discord


Rythm bot for Discord allows users to quickly play YouTube songs based on the main match for the query given in the play command. You’ll just have to join a

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