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The best Pokémon experience you can have on Discord: Catch shiny and legendary Pokémon; train with EV, hatch eggs, battle, train and trade Pokémon’s. With Myuu bot for Discord, forget about difficult and complicated commands to remember.

It comes with an easy and intuitive menu that will compete with other pokemon bots for Discord.

Features and commands of Myuu bot for Discord


    • You don’t need to learn many commands: To play just type “.menu”. Unlike other Discord games, you don’t need to learn any commands. If you insist, there is a complete list at
    • Battles: A wealth of gameplay options, with a competitive PvP environment built on the latest Generation 7 format.
    • Level up by chatting: Hit two birds with one stone as your Pokémon will gain XP when you chat with your friends.
    • Captures: Travel through routes, trade with friends, hatch eggs and summon legendary Pokémon to complete the Pokédex.
    • You will have the same account on all servers: Hanging out on a new server lately? No problem, you can continue your adventure there.
    • Training: Level up and train your Pokémon with EV. Build your ideal team to be the best.

Have you convinced, check it out, it’s the closest bot as far as Pokémon is concerned, you will live a rewarding and fun experience, now go and catch them!

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