Octave bot for Discord

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Welcome to Octave bot for Discord, an exceptional music bot.  Octave specializes in musicalizing your Discord server as its main function, but it has other functionalities that you will manage through its commands. Like most bots, it has a default command which in this case will be the underscore. Join Octave to your server and start with a simple “_help”. To know all the things that this bot for Discord is able to do.

Octave bot for Discord main commands:

As mentioned before, the main command is “_help”. Although you can also ask more specific questions with “_help [music]”. This will give us what we need to put music on your server.  Use Octave music on Discord to liven up the moment with your favorite songs.

General commands:

_ping : Displays the Octave response time.

_math ( (x+y)^2) : Solves mathematical doubts.

_remindme (message) : It sends you a reminder message in a certain amount of time.

_google (question) : It searches Google for what you need.

_video (name) : Looks for the video on Youtube.

_whois (@user) : Shows you the details of a user.


Music commands:

_Play : Join the bot on the voice channel you are on.

_pause : Pause or play the currently playing song.

_stop : Stop and remove the song.

_skip : Skip the song and go to the next one.

_lyrics : Get the lyrics to the song that plays.

_repeat : Repeats the current song.


Funny Octave bot for Discord commands:

_coinflip : Flip the coin, heads or tails.

_8ball : Ask your wildest dreams.

Join bot:

You can see that with Octave you will not only be able to listen to music, but it contains many functions to make your server a more pleasant place. You won’t have to leave Discord to watch a video on Youtube, or to listen to music, or to search for something on Google. Join Octave to your server as soon as possible.

Join bot

And if you still have doubts about how Octave bot for Discord works, or you want to ask something, it also has an official website and an official Discord server so you won’t be left with any questions.

Official Web Official Server


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