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Do you want to live the experience of having a pet on Discord, Pet bot is for you. Raise, train and keep your pets safe in Discord.

Pet Bot is a virtual pet simulator. You can adopt several pets and make sure they are well kept. Pets have the possibility of developing health problems that you need to take care of. If you forget about your pet, they will be taken away from you. Have fun taking care of your pets.

Pet bot commands and guide for Discord

Getting started with the Pet Bot is very easy. The bot provides a beginner’s guide (the command guide) that shows you step by step which commands are necessary to properly take care of your pet.

Pet care

Caring for pets is important, as they can be carried away and, in severe cases, even die. You have to make sure your pet is fed and hydrated, depending on the pet, the rate at which you have to do this changes. You can get items on the regular market with “pet!buy“. (To list items)

In addition to making sure they have basic needs, you also need to make sure they are exercised, socialized, happy and healthy. To make sure they are healthy, you should take them to the veterinarian (pet!vet) when you see their health declining. Pet health increases over time, maximum health will decrease as your pet’s natural lifespan nears the end.

So what if your pet is losing health and you’ve taken it to the vet and it has a health problem? That’s okay. Just give him the right item based on what he has.

What can you do in Pet bot for Discord:

  • Pet adoption.
  • Multiple types of pets.
  • Economy with a dynamic market and a market of users available to all.
  • Do any trick of your choice for your pet.
  • Get new baby pets by mating two of your pets.
  • Share your pets with other players, or just give them to others.
  • Have the nanny take care of your pets when you are away.
  • Cure your pets of diseases when they get them or before they do.

Add Pet bot to your server

Don’t wait any longer and join this bot to your servirdor. Compete among your friends to see who has the ugliest pet, the biggest or the one that knows how to do the best tricks. If you have any questions you can also enter their official server to solve them or to be updated on everything new.


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