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If you are a fan of Pokemon and you use Discord, Pokecord bot for Discord can not miss on your server to have your own Pokémon adventure with your friends! Discover this wonderful bot in English and play until you have them all.

Catch pokémons before other users that will suddenly appear on your server, fight and challenge other users in exciting pokémon battles and be the first to catch them all! This fun bot based on the Pokémon world can not miss on your server. Add this bot that is becoming more and more famous.

To do this you have to start by inviting Pokecord to your server from the following button:

[su_button url=”″ target=”blank” style=”default” background=”#2D89EF” color=”#FFFFFF” size=”6″ wide=”no” center=”yes” radius=”auto” icon=”” icon_color=”#FFD700” text_shadow=”none” desc=”” download=”” onclick=”” rel=”” title=”” id=”” class=””]Invite Pokecord[/su_button]

Pokecord Discord bot commands

Each and every Pokecord bot command for Discord starts the same way, so you always have to remember the beginning of the command that is this way:


This prefix is the default and may be different on other servers as some change them themselves, but generally this is the one used. This guide will not cover all the bot functions either, so if you need more help, talk to the official Pokecord server on Discord:

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”default” background=”#2D89EF” color=”#FFFFFF” size=”3″ wide=”no” center=”yes” radius=”auto” icon=”” icon_color=”#FFFFFF” text_shadow=”none” desc=”” download=”” onclick=”” rel=”” title=”” id=”” class=””]Pokecord official Discord server[/su_button]

Getting started with Pokecord bot for Discord

Now that the bot has been added to the server, while you chat pokémons will appear randomly that you will be able to capture. But hey, remember what you need to do in pokémon games before venturing into the herbs? That’s right! Your first initial pokémon! Select the text channel where you want the pokémon to appear, so it won’t be a spam problem in the general channel. Start with this command and keep choosing your main Pokémon.

p!spawn “textchannelname”

So, to choose your starter Pokémon, you must use the “p!Start” command to display the available starter Pokémon as shown in the following image:


There you have to choose the pokémon you like the most and once you have chosen who (mine is squirtle) you will have to use the “p!Pick Pokemonname” command to select your first Pokemon! Once you have done this, you have your first pokémon! Use the “p!Info” command to view stats, level and XP progress of your pokémon to the next level.

How to Capture Pokémon in Discord

Now that you have your pokémon partner, you have to choose the text channel where you want the wild pokémon to appear, that is, you have to enter the command p!spawn  “thetextchannelname” where you want them to appear. For example, if you have the #general text channel and you want them to appear there, you put p!spawn #general. Although we recommend making a channel with the name #Pokecord, so that there is no confusion about where to use this bot and it doesn’t become a spam.

As soon as you do that, wild Pokemon will start appearing randomly as long as you chat and there is activity in your text channel. Once the Pokémon appears, you will have to be quick and recognize the name of that Pokémon itself.

Once you know the name you have to enter the p!catch command p!catch “nameofpokemon” as shown in the example in the following image:


If you are the fastest to do so, you will capture the Pokémon! Are you ready to become a Pokémon master?

Collect and trade in Pokecord

If you are simply a pacifist and you like to have all kinds of pokémon, the collector mode is your way. To do this you will have to complete the pokédex and catch as many as you can until you get them all!

Use the p!pokedex command to see which pokémon you are missing and to see the stats of each pokémon give p!info “pokemonname” to see the pokémon you name.

If you are a good person, you can also give pokémon to other users to help them complete their collection. This is done with the command p!gift “@username” “Pokemonnumber”.

You can also trade pokémons like stickers in case you are missing one and want to trade with your friends.

Fight commands Pokecord

If you like action and your pokémons are not standing still, you can fight with other users with the commands that we will put later. This is the way to earn credits and it will also help you to buy things in the store. The commands to fight with other users are:

  • p!select “pokemonnumber”: Be able to choose your main pokémon to use in the fight.
  • p!moves: Shows the movements your pokémon has and the moves it can use.
  • p!duel “@username”: Challenge the user you have mentioned to a pokémon battle!
  • p!accept: Accept the challenge.
  • p!use “movement number”:  Use the move that is in the list of moves that has that position.

Other Pokecord Commands

  • pokedex – See your collection in the pokedex.
  • challenges – Displays a list of available challenges. You can earn credits for doing them.
  • moves – It shows the movements you can perform and new movements you can learn.
  • replace <Number> – Replace a selected movement with the one you want to learn.
  • learn <Movement> – Choose a new movement you want to learn.

 Earning XP

Leveling up your Pokémon will increase its stats and, in some cases, cause it to evolve, and to do so you need to earn XP. Currently there are two ways to earn XP in Pokecord, by talking (Chatting on the server) and battling. When you are on a Discord server with Pokecord, simply talking to your friends in the chat will gradually earn XP for your selected pokémon. The other way is to battle, you can battle against your friends as explained above and the winner of the battle will receive XP and credits to use in the in-game store.

Additional  help for Pokecord bot for Discord

Apart from the official server that we have put at the beginning of the Post (and that is in English) there is also a Pokecord server for Spanish speakers that you can share and ask questions without any problem, being a good community! As this guide only explains some of the main features of the bot, it is recommended to check the “p!Help” command for a complete list of available commands, how to use them and what they do, you can also join the official channel for more help, good luck and enjoy the bot!

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