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You want to plan events, calendars on your server! Raid-Helper bot for Discord is what you are looking for – events, time zones, polls, reminders, customization, archiving, logging and much more!

All the main features are free, but if you decide to go for it, you can get it for as low as 3€ per month or even cheaper with lifetime premium! Raid-Helper offers some features that no other calendar bot offers. Enjoy Raid-Helper’s free or premium commands.

For example, our duplication feature, which allows you to have the same event synchronized on different Discord servers. Other notable premium features include: event logging, automatic archiving, recurring events, user-specific DM reminders and fully customizable templates with your own emotes, emojis and stickers.

What Raid-Helper can do?

  • Create events from different templates.
  • Create events connected to it.
  • Create surveys/magazines.
  • Dynamic time zones.
  • Choice of specifications and saving them for templates with more specifications than can fit in the reactions.
  • Different styles for block title lettering.
  • Customize the format of the displayed date.
  • Add image to the event embed.
  • Automatic deletion of events at the specified time.
  • Edit all properties of an event.
  • Closed events reject more registrations.
  • Show restart timers for classic 20-man raids.
  • Message or list of all signed and unsigned members of an event.
  • Exclusion function. (Instead of inclusion)
  • Mention in the creation of the event.
  • Announcement # minutes before the event.
  • Set limits to registrations, classes or roles.
  • Custom templates. (premium)
  • Automatically recurring events. (premium)
  • Mirrored events. (premium)
  • Summary of server events. (automatic update with premium)

Raid-Helper has the most advanced feature set, providing a wide range of customization options and freedom of choice. It focuses on MMOs, but can easily be used for any generic programming! Publish events with a template of your choice and let your users sign up with a single click – a wide range of administrative features await you for free! Create and edit events, customize colors/images/layout, send a reminder to a channel, limit registrations by quantity or role, mention users/roles on creation, add users, remove users, even add fake users! Are your users lazy? Let them unsubscribe instead of signing up. Events will automatically close once they start, want them to close earlier? Whatever, Raid-Helper will do it.

Join Raid-Helper bot for Discord

Needless to say, it’s the complete bot as far as scheduled events are concerned! Impossible not to have it if you usually do a lot of tournaments of any game on your server.

Join Raid Helper

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