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El capaz y útil Tatsumaki: un bot de Discord para XP y niveles, moderación, más utilidades y cosas divertidas, cuenta con muchas características que te harán elegir este bot.

Tatsumaki bot for Discord command types

  • XP, Levels and Reputation: You will be able to encourage activity on your Discord server by allowing members to earn XP and levels with a visually interesting level system.

The reputation system allows members to vote for another member of their choice. Reputation is prominently displayed on profiles!

  • Credits and customization: Currency in the form of credits allows members to purchase customizations for commands such as t!profile and t!rank.

Members can customize their profile and rank screens by adding their information and changing their backgrounds!

  • Easy to configure the bot on your server: Modify how Tatsu behaves to suit your server. Configure welcome messages, notifications, which channels the bot will ignore and other configurable options.
  • Voting: Start voting to decide issues, create polls for more persistent voting, and initiate sweepstakes.
  • Integration: Check the weather outside, or Google, Urban Dictionary & AniList, all from within Discord.
  • Organization: Create to-do lists and set personal reminders to get your digital life on track.
  • Lots of fun stuff: Encourage friendly banter with funny commands. Display random images from subreddits with t!image. Text modifiers, randomizers, 8-balls, dice, fact commands and more are available.
  • Mini-games: Go fishing and reel in fun rewards, or take care of your own virtual pet!
  • Server management: Tatsu’s moderation tools work out of the box, automatically hooking into Discord permissions. Maintain order by cleaning up the chat, or reward/punish users by modifying their server points.
  • User management: Kick and ban undesirables, and notify them with an optional reason while doing so. Keep track of what is happening on your server by setting up an action log.

Add Tatsumaki bot for Discord to your server

Join Tatsu and start using him and learning all the commands he has, which are not few!


As you can see, it is a bot loaded with many features ranging from fun, useful and safe. No need to explain more! Give this bot a try and you will be satisfied.

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