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If you want to keep your Discord server safe, tidy and away from trolls, Vortex bot for Discord is the right thing for you. Its automatic moderation capabilities allow you to filter out certain types of behavior without the need for you to manually intervene. It will make the job of moderating on a large server much easier. That’s why this bot is so widely used in the Discord community.

Add Vortex bot for Discord to your server:

To start using Vortex, add it to your server using this button and give it the role of administrator or moderator. Once joined type this simple command ” >>help “ and it will send you a private message with all the functions that this moderation bot can perform.

Vortex Commands:

Know the basic commands for this auto-mod, feel free to visit its official website to know them all. To change your prefix type >>prefix “new prefix” and it will add a new prefix to Vortex, the default prefix will continue to work and cannot be removed.

>>about: It gives you Vortex information, statistics and the bot version.

>>ping: Check the Vortex latency.

>>roleinfo <rol>: Displays the information of this role.

>>userinfo [@user]: Displays that user’s information.

>>kick <@user> [reason]: Expels the user and saves the reason in the expulsion log.

>>ban <@user> [time] [reason]: Ban the user for the time you specify and keep the reason in a log.

>>unban <@user>: Unban the selected user.

>>clean <parameter>: Deletes messages of the given parameter, for example “bots”, “links” or “@user”.


As Vortex is designed to save resources, you have to fulfill some requirements for its correct functioning, otherwise the bot will leave the Discord server automatically. The requirements are:

  • 15 or more users on the server minimum.
  • More humans than bots on the server.


In order to function properly, Vortex needs permissions to be able to complete the necessary tasks, so grant the Vortex bot the administrator role by dragging it to the top of the role list. Go into server configuration and drag the role to the top and grant it administrator powers.

Official Web:

Vortex has many commands and functions that we do not explain here, go to its official website and research everything you want about this cool and popular bot.

Official Web


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