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Has a user raided your server, do you want to make a small backup copy of your server, or create one from a pre-made template? Xenon bot for Discord is your solution.

This bot offers the task of being able to archive, copy, synchronize your Discord server with a few simple steps, or modify it to your liking with the public templates that users make and simplify your life.

Features and commands of Xenon bot for Discord

  • Ability to create backups of your server: Backups are used to save the current state of your server, including roles, channels, bans and even more with Xenon Premium. Backups are linked to your account and can be uploaded to any server where you have administrator permissions. You can make a backup with x!backup create.


  • Scheduled backups: In addition to manual backups, you can enable backups to be scheduled over a period of time. A backup will automatically be created at the set interval. Only the last backup of each server’s interval is kept, unless it is premium. Enable backup interval with x!backup interval 24h.


  • Variety of templates to upload: Templates are the public counterpart of backups. A template can be uploaded by everyone and does not contain any private information. Users can use templates to share their server configurations with others. Use x!template load starter to load the default template.


  • Message transfer: With Xenon Premium you can transfer messages via full server backups, chatlogs per channel or message synchronization. Transferred messages appear with the same content, username and avatar as the original. Only a small “bot” badge identifies them as transferred.

Add Xenon bot for Discord to your server

Protect your server and attach this wonderful bot to it. Make sure nothing bad happens and you can always recover anything you want with a few simple commands and settings offered by Xenon bot for Discord, with its backups and backups in Discord.

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The management of the bot, being security backups and templates that can be modified at any time, must be extremely careful and its access must be restricted only to trusted people in your server. Remember to configure its privileges before starting to use it.


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